Friday, May 29, 2015

Wisconsin Science

Brenna seems to be doing just great, as we knew she would!  I think she's finding it a little challenging or just different as she makes the transition from carefree college kid to grown up in charge of stuff!  :o)  We manage to talk, text and FaceTime pretty regularly, but most of my updates I get from Snapchat.  I think she's doing well, she's been invited to a couple Happy Hours and a coworkers BBQ.  She's busy netting bats, measuring and recording, tracking, tagging with radio transmitters and then following them with acoustic detectors.  She's Bat Girl, Science Chick and just an amazing girl!
Acoustic Detector

Catching bats

I guess it's not all fun and games.  There's no doubt she's a trooper, a badass trooper!  I just wish she was a little closer, so she could come home and her mommy could take care of her!

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