Saturday, May 9, 2015

Radford Graduation Fest Day #3 - THE DAY!

I can't believe the day finally arrived!  I'm not even sure how to sum it all up.  Maybe the day in pictures is the best way.
On their way

That's a lot of chairs to fill

Getting ready to head out 

Walking into the general Radford ceremony
Biology buddies

Coming into the College of Sciences Ceremony

There she goes

And she is GRADUATED!!

Proud Mama and Papa!

Roommates and Biology buddies

It was a really nice ceremony.  The weather was beautiful and we really couldn't have asked for a better day.  Once the ceremony was over, we headed to Brenna's house for their party.  They had food catered and brought in plenty of booze and we were able to hang out in a nice relaxed atmosphere.  Grandma and Grandpa Art and Grandpa Bud lasted for a couple hours, but then they bugged out and went back to the hotel.  John and I lasted a little bit longer.  We finally got to meet "the boyfriend" - Kiefer - seemed very nice.  Seems a shame that they decided to pursue this right before she is leaving - he has a year left.  But, when you're young anything seems possible, so we'll keep our fingers crossed for them.

So freaking proud of our girl!  I can't believe how fabulous she has done and what great things are going to be ahead of her!  I'm still in denial that she's leaving for Wisconsin on Weds.  Just trying to live in the moment and enjoy our time with her!

On a side note... State Championships for Zack today... I followed along on twitter.  They needed to finish in the top 3 to qualify for Nationals.  Only 4 boats in his race, so we were hopeful!  I waited in anticipation has race time drew close.  I must have refreshed twitter 1000 times!  They DID IT!  3rd place by 0.4 seconds!  Holy cow, I think I'm glad I wasn't there, I probably would have had a heart attack!  I'm not sure today could have been much better on all fronts!!
Surrogate Moms looking out for my boy while I was gone!

Heart attack race!

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