Monday, May 18, 2015

Wisconsin Brenna Update

I'm so glad I had Stotesbury to distract me from worrying about Brenna.  I did get to talk to her a couple of times while we were in Philly.  Things are going fantastic out there!  Lots of good stuff.

#1 - The Steven's Point campus and town are very similar to Radford, only a little bigger, a little newer and a little nicer.  She said she felt at home the minute she got there.  I guess there is a river that runs through the town.  Lots of micro breweries and just all around good stuff.  I guess the campus is really focused on the Natural Resources College and wildlife stuff.
Part of the College of Natural Resources

#2 - She met with her Advisor, Kevin Russell, and apparently he's super cool and very happy to have Brenna there.  We got some really, really good news.... Apparently all her tuition is paid for in full.  ALL.HER.TUITION.PAID.IN.FULL... I guess there is a grant that the school received that pays for it, we won't ever even see the bills.  They go straight to the grant to be paid.  ALL.HER.TUITION.IS.PAID.FOR!  AND.....she still gets a $18,000 stipend to pay for her living expenses!  So, not only do we not have to pay any tuition, but it looks like the rent money, utilities money, food and bills money that we've been sending her each month... we don't have to do that either!  John said he kept sitting in the chair, with his mouth hanging open saying, "We don't have to pay any money?"  I guess Professor Russell seemed slightly puzzled that John didn't see to me understanding. Lol!  That was very good news.

#3 - John said Professor Russell, seemed very impressed by Brenna and all her experience and knowledge.  Especially about the equipment she was going to be using in the field.

All packed up and ready to head out for her first field site.  

Dropping Dad off at the airport and then off she goes.  I'm so freaking proud of her, I can hardly stand it!  What amazing things she's done and what amazing things she'd going to do!  Just watch her go!

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