Sunday, January 25, 2015

Boys Day

John and Zack took off for a day of skiing.  Our weather has been crappy around here, but up in the mountains it's been snowing quite a bit.  The forecast called for rain, but it snowed instead, but at least the forecast kept the crowds away.  They didn't have to wait in any lines and just skied up and down the hills.  I didn't go, but I spent plenty of time worrying at home....broken ankles, dislocated arms, falls from the ski lift... I just saw a news story about deaths caused by falling from ski lifts...
But despite all my worries or maybe because of all my worrying... they stayed safe and sound!

Man down

Put your hands on that safety bar right now!

After their day skiing, they spent the evening watching Animal House!  I'm not sure I approve....I guess Zack loved it and they had a blast bonding over the idiocy that is that movie... good man time I guess!

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