Saturday, January 10, 2015

My husband is just plain crazy!

John headed out today for one last chance at hunting.  He got one deer this year, but otherwise has been skunked.  The deer just haven't been coming his way.  He's helped quite a few friends get deer, but the "elusive big one" has escaped him.  But, this family eats venison jerky at a prodigious pace, so he felt compelled to head out one more time...
Even though the temperature was 7...freaking.SEVEN.DEGREES!  Our high today was only supposed to be 28, so there wasn't even much hope that it would warm up.  But he persevered....

And brought 2 more home!  A medium doe and a smallish doe!  Hurray!  He dropped those babies off at the butcher, we'll get burger and lots of meat to make jerky!  Mama is a happy camper and I think he can relax and stay warm!

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