Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Treadmill Success

     I did it!  I ran on the treadmill and there were no YouTube Videos made, nothing embarrassing at all.  I ran and it was good!  I was hoping to do 3 miles, but it went so well I went ahead and did 4 miles! I set it to run at a 10min pace and I actually felt strong and like I could keep going forever.  The last little bit I increased the pace a little bit. I didn't use any incline, I figured it was better to fun flat while I was still figuring it out.   Treadmills now are like frigging space ships.  There are 2 control panels with eleventy-billion buttons.  You can control the treadmill in numerous manners and you have your own personal TV that you can control as well.   Although I still sort of feel like if you are watching TV you really aren't exercising.  The only problem with not watching the TV is that then the monitor serves as a reflective surface and it forces me to watch my reflection run.  Since the monitor is mainly at boob level, I'm able to evaluate the appropriateness of my sports bra, which seems to be doing it's job.

Let's evaluate the Treadmill...
1.  No hills, unless I choose them.
2.  No wind
3.  No dodging dog poop piles
4.  Warm
5.  Light

1.  Boring... not as boring as running on a track, so that's a good thing, but still I think it's going to be boring eventually.
2.  It's inside, which is really only a CON when the weather is good, in which case I won't be running on the treadmill anyway.

So, it looks like the PROS win.  I thought people watching would be a definite entertainment factor, but unfortunately at 530am in the morning there really aren't that many people in the gym and those that are there are pretty serious.  I think most of the entertaining posers must come out after work.

So all in all, a win!  I'll continue with my Mon/Fri 530am Erging and Tues/Thurs 530am run.   I still haven't discovered the "Runner's High" that everyone talks about, when I'm running it still pretty much sucks and I hate it.  But the "high" comes at 645am when I'm driving to work and I know that my workout is done for the day!  That part is freaking AWESOME!  I know I'm done and anything else I do the rest of the day, walk the dogs, run at practice, sticks of sorrow with the boys, is all icing on the cake!  That is the high that will keep me getting up at 430am... I hope!!

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