Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Not Christmas Letter

I've decided that I'm not even going to make excuses for not getting a Christmas letter done.  If there's anything people don't need it's another Christmas letter, so I like the tradition of picking some other "day of note" to send my letter out on.  So... here's my National Compliment Day letter.

Since it appears that I am physically and mentally incapable of getting a Christmas Letter done by Christmas…
Happy National Compliment Day!
(Jan 24th)
You look amazing in those pants!

            2014 has been a great year for us, we really are so blessed that I hate to even write this letter for fear I’ll either jinx us or alienate all my friends for writing one of “those” letters!
            John is still moving and shaking at Spectrum Healthcare and runs both satellite health clinics for Ft. Belvoir Hospital.  They recently received a contract to expand both clinics and will be adding 10,000
new patients.  He’s really running his own 2 cities.  He hunted almost every weekend this season, but the white-tailed deer proved to be a canny and elusive opponent.  He really had to work for it this year, but I’m pleased to say that there will be Hyzy jerky in the house this year and that’s all we really care about! Last but not least, he is the high scorer in his Half Century Hockey League!  Like I said, a mover and a skater! J
            Brenna is starting her final semester of college.  OF.COLLEGE!  I have no idea how the Wonder Child became a senior in college, but it makes me a little teary-eyed.  She has applied to a graduate program at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point and since they practically created the program for her, it looks like she’ll be heading out there in May.  Again with the tears…  She’s still working with bats and that will be the primary focus of her graduate work, but she should end up with a Masters in Wildlife Ecology.  She turned 21 this year and is enjoying all the perks that go along with that, including bonding with John over Beer!  She is an amazing young woman and after all those years of trying to sell her to the gypsies the thought of her being so far away is… is… enough to make me start drinking…more…
            Zack is a junior in high school. A.JUNIOR.IN.HIGH.SCHOOL!  I feel like everything about Zack needs to be said in capitals because he continues to amaze and perplex us!  He’s now DRIVING! IN.A.CAR!  While I love that he can get himself wherever he needs to go, it freaks me out when I pass him on the road.  He’s on the Academic Team – think Jeopardy in a team format.  More incredible he gets a lot of the questions right… these are questions that I have trouble even following to the end.  How does my kid even know who Kierkegaard is, let alone buzz in under pressure and answer correctly!  He and a friend started a Chess club at school, which now has about 25 students attending… who is this kid?  To top it all off, he stroked (rowed in the lead seat) his boat to a top 12 finish at the Nationals regatta this year!  He’s smart, handsome, athletic, funny, kind… practically perfect. If only we could get him to pick up his damn clothes, throw his trash in the trashcan and stop hiding fruit snacks in his bedroom, he really would be perfect!
            I’m still running – 12 races in 2014, including my 1st Half Marathon.  It was amazing and horrible, but mainly horrible! J  I ran with my brother, Ian, and SIL, Cari, which was the amazing part, but the actual running part…not so much.  The other result of running my 1st half…my 1st tattoo!  Because nothing celebrates the misery of running 13.1 miles more than the misery of getting a tattoo!  13.1 on my inside wrist.  I also picked up an oar for real and learned to row.  After years of watching, cheering and encouraging, I decided it was time for me to give it a try.  Rowing was also amazing and horrible, but mainly amazing!  I made a ton of new friends, learned so much, and pushed myself more than I thought I could.  I will be back next year!  I’m still doing all my volunteer stuff, making copies everyday and trying my hand at coaching.  Most days I hardly know if I’m coming or going… but it’s all good!
            Like I said, it’s been a fabulous year in the Hyzy House.  We are so thankful for our families, health, home, happiness and friends!!  We have much to be grateful for and try to make sure we appreciate all we have everyday!  Our door is always open, the sheets are mostly clean and the dogs only slightly annoying; we’d love to see you anytime!
Happy 2015!

 John, Julie, Brenna, Zack

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