Friday, January 23, 2015

You did what???!!

      Yesterday we had yet another 2 hour delay!  Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't mind them - although they really seem to be going overboard after their first bad call!  Today it was for fog? freezing rain prediction? cold?  I'm really not sure what, but whatever it might have been - safety first!  It didn't really do me any good, I was already up and getting ready to go to the gym.  I'm loving my early morning, get it over with, new exercise plan.  I don't love the getting up at 430am... but NOTHING beats the feeling of walking into school at 645am and knowing that I am DONE with my exercise and anything else I do all day is just icing on the cake!  I think that must be the "runners high" everyone talks about.  It's not during the run, that part just sucks, it's the after run, that's the great part!!  Yesterday was Thursday and I was scheduled to hit the treadmill, I was planning on doing 4 miles, that's what was on the schedule for Run this Year.
      Well, I got on the treadmill, and I started out a little slower pace (5.8mph) and after about 3 miles, I was feeling like I could do it all day - so I thought to myself, "Self, let's see if we can knock out 6 miles. You'll still be able to get to school by 8am and that's an hour before everyone else." I kicked it up to 6.0 and kept on going.  Got to about the 5 mile mark and was still feeling pretty strong, music was jamming and I thought - "well if you can do 6 miles, why don't you just aim for 10.  Then you can really feel smug and if you push it, you really don't have to be at school until 9, plenty of time. You can probably even sneak a shower in."  The treadmill shuts off at an hour, I hopped off took a quick 30 sec walk around the floor and got ready to go again when it occurred to me, if I just hit the repeat button and did another 6 miles that would be amazing.  So off I went.  As I'm running, upped the pace just a little bit to 6.4, I had another thought... how cool would it be if I could put on Facebook "What did you do with your 2 hour delay?  I ran a half-marathon!"  Because we all know it all about what you can put on Facebook!  The more I ran, the more I thought - I really want to be able to say I ran a half-marathon!  Don't get me wrong the 2nd 6 miles were not near as "easy" as the first 6.  I stopped briefly (5-10sec) a couple of time to stretch out my back and shoulders that were twingy.  Miles 10-12 were pretty yucky.  When the treadmill shut off for the 2nd time at that 12 mile point - Yipee! I was pumped.  1.1 miles left to go and I will have just run a fucking half-marathon!  Took my quick stretch walk around the floor, set that baby for 11min and hit it for the last bit.  I turned it up to 7.0 the last half mile and finished it and didn't die!  I didn't even feel that horrible.  I'm pretty amazed with myself.
I promise I only laid down for a minute to "stretch", but it sure felt good!
 I'm not going to make excuses that I did it on the treadmill instead of outside or that I didn't increase the incline.    
That is some serious sweat action going on!
 In keeping with my Resolution - I am proud of myself, 13.1 miles is 13.1 miles.

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