Monday, September 24, 2012

0 to 5K... in honor of Zombies

I don't like to run, I always tell people, "I don't even run to the bathroom!"  But just recently I found this 5K race called Run for Your Life 5K.  It's a zombie 5K!  Now if there is any sort of 5K I could possibly run it would be one where zombies are chasing me.  It's also an obstacle course along with the 5K.  So you are jumping over obstacles, mud pits, wall climbs etc...  I thought I might issue a Mt Burnside 5K challenger and see if we can get a big group from the neighborhood to run.  But....if I"m going to do that, then I need to be able to RUN. A. 5K!  Now this race isn't until next year, but you can never plan to far ahead... So.... I found a Iphone app called 5K Runner.  Apparently it's suppose to take me from couch to 5K in 8 weeks.  I've tried something like this before and I made it through the first week, but as soon as I had to run longer than 90 secs... I totally bailed.  Cause I hate running!  But, I've decided to try again.  The thing I like about this app, is that it uses my own music.  So instead of gay elevator music "motivating"me to run - I get to listen to my own rad tunes.  Then the instructor just beeps in and tells me when to run and when to walk.

I'm hoping I'l be more successful this time.  Mainly because I've already lost about 8lbs this summer and I like the way I feel.  I like that I can wear jeans that I haven't had on in a year.  Same for 3 pairs of pants I found in my closet that I forgot I had because they had been too tight for the last year.  I like that I can wear them again.  I'm worried now that I'm not doing the Fit in 15 amy more that those lbs are going to creep back.  I really can't walk any longer than I already do.  It's hard enough to find 60-90mins to walk everyday, so trying to add on more time is just not going to happen.  So, it looks to me like my only choice is to up the intensity.  This program starts out with only about 15 mins of running with a walking cool down before and after.  I am going to try and just sandwich it in the middle of my walk.  No harm, no foul...  Today was day 1.  I did it with no problem, Zoey wasn't completely happy with the idea of running, but she warmed up to it eventually.  It was a beautiful, cool, fall day and was just nice to be outside even if part of the time I was running.  We'll see, I have high hopes, but don't we all at the beginning of any project or plan!?  Let's see how I feel on week 4!  I'm hoping the combination of being able to eat more and still escape from the Zombie hordes will serve to keep me motivated!!

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