Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oops! I'm doing it again!

I've decided to try another one of those 3-day Juice cleanses.  Only this time I'm paying someone else to do all the work.  I found a fancy Juice Bar in Maryland, through one of the bloggers I read and I thought Why Not?  I've been doing really great all summer watching what I'm eating, not dieting, but just trying to be more aware and consciously making good choices.  Only eating when I'm really hungry, no mindless snacking, measuring out appropriate portion sizes and making healthy choice instead of always defaulting to a slim jim and some Doritios when the first hunger pangs hit.  That, in combination with our Summer Fit in 15 had 6 lbs falling by the wayside.  Yeah!  Pants that were a tad snug are now loose and flappy.  Anyway,  all that has fallen by the wayside over the last 2-3 weeks.  I know it's all stress.  Brenna going back to college, Zack starting high school, I've taken over a huge administrative position on the Crew Board and am still doing all the same stuff for Athletic Boosters. With school starting sometimes I have 3 different meetings in one day not to mention all the little "critical" shit that's gotta get done so the big stuff doesn't go down in flames.  Let's not forget the upcoming bathroom remodel. Can anyone say Post Traumatic Tile and Paint Syndrome!  It's all starting to get to me, I'm having the "can't find my locker" "can't find my class that I forgot to go to" and  "can't catch the hundreds of snakes appearing in my house" dreams.  Those are always an indication that I'm feeling overwhelmed and out of control.
Long story short (too late), I've been partaking of the snack food just a little too much and been feeling yuck!  Soooooo, I saw this bloggers Blog and I thought "Hey, I should do that again."  But I just couldn't add the stress of having to make it all myself, and shop and blah, blah, blah.  I've been tucking away "Mad Money" every month forever, and what better to spend my mad money stash on than  Juice Cleanse torture therapy!

I drove out to Bethesda yesterday and picked up my 18 bottles of juice, my 3 beet juice shots and 1 ginger shot and tucked it all away in the refrigerator.

Today's the day... of course, just like when you make an appointment for your kids at the doctor and they suddenly get better, I woke up this morning, the first morning of my juice fast....STARVING!.  Not just a little twinge of "Hmm I think I'll eat a little earlier this morning" hungry.  Freaking, stabbing hunger pangs hungry.  Oh well...

Right now I'm "enjoying" hot water with a slice of lemon, and 1/3 of the ginger shot (it's very spicy).  Not nearly as satisfying as the bagel and cream cheese I would love to be eating.  But I bought, I committed and I will persevere!

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