Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I guess it actually does work...

Okay.. just went upstairs to get dressed for subbing.  Put on a pair of pants that "fit" last year (meaning I only looked slightly like a stuffed sausage when I wore them) and now they won't stay up even with a belt! Don't know if I should be thrilled (yes of course) or horrified because I might actually have to go shopping again!  I guess eating healthy and actually doing some exercise really does work. Was going to treat myself to a muffin - cause that's how I roll.  Hmmm... worked out today how about a nice bag of gummy bears to treat yourself!  But now I think I'll hold off, try and be strong.  Ran again today... by running I mean I ran for 1min intervals - 8 times.  But it's still running.  Now I feel certain if I actually needed to run to the bathroom I could make it!

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