Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oops I did it again - Day One

I survived Day One.  I gotta say it wasn't as easy as the cleanse I did myself a few months back.  That one, based on the Blueprint Cleanse, had juices mixed in with smoothies and smoothies are much more filling than straight up juices.  I found myself much hungrier than last time, but as long as I kept myself distracted it worked out okay.

First up instead of my regular tea - Hot water with lemon and 1/2 ginger shot.  It was okay, not particularly tasty, but at least warm.
1st juice - Mean Lemonaid - water, lemon, cayenne pepper and coconut nectar.  It was freaking AWESOME! I was really hesitant at first, but this was really delicious!  Got me started off right.  Although I did find myself mourning a little for my traditional 1/2 bagel with tomato, bacon and a little mayo spread.  But I powered on.
2nd juice - Easy Green - Kale, cucumber, apple and lemon.  It was also pretty good.  I like the green juices - they definitely taste like you are drinking something healthy.
3rd juice - 22 Karat - it's straight up carrot juice.  It definitely tasted like carrots, but I found it a little hard to take.  It tasted a little dirty and it did make my throat itch a little.  I had a hard time getting through it.  I added half a beet shot - but it didn't do much to help.  I might actually skip the carrot juice tomorrow.
4th juice - Coconut Water - It was okay, but I think my stomach was still wonky from the carrot juice and I couldn't make it through the whole thing.  I think if I hadn't had the carrot juice I would have been okay.
5th juice - Green apple - Green apple + cucumber.  It was fine.
Last drink - Almond Milk - not my favorite, but I don't like regular milk.  I drank it all though, because supposedly the extra protein and fat in it helps you feel full and sleep better.

I wasn't starving, but I did spend most of the day at least slightly hungry.  The biggest challenge was the mindset of grabbing a snack when the hunger pangs kicked in.  That and watching TV is a pain in the ass... sweet lord do you know how many FOOD commercials there are???  EVERYTHING starts to look good by about juice #3.  I even found myself a little jealous as a scooped Cooper and Zoey's food into their bowls tonight.  I also have a wonderful bowl of Drunken Gummies "brewing" in the refrigerator and their allure is growing daily!  I keep telling myself "one gummy won't make that big a difference."  But we all know it's never just one gummy!  And really, when you are trying to cleanse your system I don't think the best thing to sneak is processed, artifical perservatives and sugar + vodka! Stay Strong! Stay Strong!  I think today may be a challenge.

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