Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day... We survived.

We both survived the 1st day of high school!  I think it was probably rougher for me than Zack.  I do think he was a little more nervous than he let on since when I woke up at 6am he was already in the shower!  He also voluntarily picked out his own school supplies.
    I worked in the Spiritwear Store all day and he actually came up to the store at lunch time and said hello.  Quite different from his sister who use to walk the extra long way around the school to avoid me! :o)  I got to see him at lunch and he apparently found someone to eat with and seemed to be smiling and fine when he exited the cafeteria.
9th grade
     He found his bus just fine, got home safely and proceeded to regale me with tales of his day....NOT!
This is how our recap of the day went:
Me - "How was your day?"
Zack - "Fine."
Me - "Come on throw your mom a bone, tell me something..."
Zack - "It was good."

That's it... that's all I got.  This child should become some sort of super secret spy, he's so good at keeping mum!  But from what little I could pry from his tight closed lips... it seemed to be fine.  His teachers are "cool." And that's about it.
But I'll take it, no drama, no tears and seems to be fine going back tomorrow... I think I consider it a success!

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