Thursday, November 17, 2011

1 More Day!

In 1 more day our girl will be home from college for Thanksgiving Break!
Yeah!  Hurrah!
She hasn't been home since August!
Tuesday I spent $322 at the commissary stocking up on all "her foods."  To include toaster strudel, bagels and cream cheese, laughing cow cheese, wheat thins and various other treats. Yesterday I put new flannel sheets on her bed. (Side note... I also purchased new flannel sheets for Zman's bed along with a new comforter and blanket, Lest anyone thinks we've forgotten we have another kid)  Today I will spend the day cooking all her favorite "real foods."  Like a yummy green chili mexican casserole that's only name is "Brenna's casserole,"  white chicken lasagna and zucchini bread and muffins.
Tomorrow I will spend the day with my face pressed to the window waiting for her to drive up...only kidding.  But we are excited here at the Hyzy House.

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