Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who says hunting isn't romantic?

Yesterday was opening day for hunting season, which is actually a little confusing since John has spent the last 3-4 weekends in the woods with some sort of weapon.  Bow and arrow, muzzleloader, a big stick - pretty much anything he can propel at a furry creature.  Anyway,  yesterday was "Opening Day" for real guns, I guess.  On  a side note, our neighbors boys were suppose to go on a big Boy Scout camping trip, but it was cancelled because they didn't think it was a great idea to have scores of boy scouts and hunters all traipsing through the woods on the same day.  Ya think?
So, my intrepid huntsman got up at 345am to go out and hunt and gather for us.  He called home about 11am and said he'd already got a buck and a doe!  "Two?" I asked.  "Yes" he said.  "They were in love and I had to shoot both, so that one didn't have to live without the other!"

See romance is alive and well in the great outdoors!  Now when we eat our venison this year, I will have to remember that it is infused with love!

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