Saturday, November 19, 2011


She's home - safe and sound!  She made it home with a new hamster, a car that had to be dropped off at the mechanics for an alignment, 25lbs of laundry, a cold and an empty bank account! :o)  But she's home!  We ate her favorite casserole for dinner, went to the pet store to by hamster supplies (see empty bank account), had family movie night and went to bed leaving the kids up together watching TV.  It's good in the Hyzy house.

On another note, on the way home she had to go to court for her first speeding ticket.  She was going 86mph which qualifies as reckless driving.  John drove down to give her moral support for court.  She ended up with 8-hour in residence driving school, 16 hours of community service, a second court appearance in April and what I hope is a healthy respect for listening when your mother screams "Slow down you are driving too fast!"  :o)

It's great to have her home, she can't wait to see all the neighbors, eat all our food and have me do her laundry.  Let's see how long it takes before everyone is ready to kill each other!

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