Sunday, January 15, 2012

All good things must come to an end.

         Our girl heads back to Radford tomorrow.  She's been home for a month and I must say I was a tad worried about the transition from "on your own, no rules college student" to "back at home do what we say daughter," but it went just fine.  There were no issues besides the fact that poor Zack was never allowed in his own bathroom.  But he took that in stride.  She even came and subbed with me a couple days, worked a couple shifts at Padrinos to make some extra money and dyed a strip in my hair pink since I'm the "hippest mom ever!"

        When she heads back tomorrow, she's one of only a few of her friends who is going back.  Biggest shock... her roommate will not be returning and neither will her boyfriend!  Both, sadly, were academically suspended for the semester and can reapply for admission next fall if they choose.  It was quite a shock, so poor Brenna heads back not knowing when or if she'll get a new roommate and without her boyfriend.  Of course the first thing John and I said when we heard the news was, "you're hanging out with the wrong crowd!" but that being said she managed her time and her grades very well.  John and I were both very proud of the effort and the grades she brought home her first semester.  I am also very proud of the way she's handled this little bump in the road.  She was bummed for a couple days, but now is moving forward.  Of course it helps that we took her out yesterday and pretty much emptied our bank account for her.  Sadly, when you lose a roommate, you don't just lose a roommate you also lose... the tv, the bathroom organizer, the desk lamp, apparently the cleaning supplies, the fan...etc...  so, John and I pretty much spent until we thought our bank account would spontaneously combust and then spent some more.  She also needed a new car battery, fancy hiking boots for her trip to the Virgin Islands and so much food that I was concerned maybe Radford has stopped feeding them!  As she said, "It's just like Christmas!"  I think that helped her mood.

      It will be hard to let her go, I've enjoyed having her back around.  What I won't miss... her "borrowing" my makeup, my clothes etc... Although I guess the fact that she takes clothes out of my closet says one of two things... either I am totally hip and have all the coolest clothes or that I'm a 45 year old woman who dresses like a 18 year old kid.  Considering the fact that my closet is divided into "dressy sweats and hoodies" and "everyday sweats and hoodies"  it seems that maybe I'm not dressing my age.  I always said I wanted to be on What Not to Wear, but I know they would throw away my vast collection of Hoodies and I love me a good hoodie!  But I digress...

      I am excited for her and the upcoming semester.  I'm convinced that the Tropical Biology class she's taking along with the study abroad trip to the Virgin Islands is going to give her some great opportunities.  I envision her finding lots of new BFF's, after all  they will be working together all semester and then heading to the Virgin Islands together.  I'm convinced this is the "right group" for her to be hanging around with.  We've also elected for her to drop Chemistry this semester, she passed but has decided she wants to retake it sophomore year, so she's taking mainly electives and her 2 Biology classes - 17 credit hours.  I think this will be a good chance for her to concentrate on Biology and enjoy the semester a little more.  We'll see.

     I'm very sad to see her go back, because I will miss her muchly, but at the same time so excited and maybe a little envious.  I think that's just the way it should be.

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