Tuesday, January 31, 2012

There's not much more pitiful than a pet or kid who's got a boo-boo

       Took the Cooper boy to the vet today because he's been limping for the last two days and it's really messing with our walking schedule.  He wasn't putting any weight on his back foot at all and I noticed he had a red sore between his pads.  Seemed like the pain was disproportionate to the injury.  Always heard dogs were pretty tough especially with their feet.  It could just be the my Coopy is a sissy dog, but I thought I better have it checked out just make sure I wasn't missing anything obvious.  Like the time I let Zack cough for weeks when he was 3, until John guilted me into taking him to the doctor, and he had double pneumonia.  Or the time my brother was complaining, after a 4 wheeler accident, that his knee hurt and my mother told him he better toughen up because his school had stairs - and we found out after a trip to the doctor that his knee was broken!  It runs in the family... so better safe than sorry and off we tramped to the vet.
          It appears the Coopster has some sort of chemical burn on his foot between his pads and it was eating away at the pad.  Ahhh... YUCK!  The vet (who was wonderful) had to clean it and wrap it with honey!  And poor Cooper cried like a little girl dog the whole time.  :o(  So, now he's all limpy and pitiful and is raking in the treats at an alarming rate.  No walking and extra treats... hope he doesn't blow out his ACL next carrying around the extra weight.
          Yeah...about the honey...... apparently honey is great for burns, but I must say it makes keeping him from chewing on his bandage a little challenging since I'm sure it smells just yummy.  For the next 4 days I'm changing his Honey Wrap and feeding him pain pills and antibiotics.  And remembering to lock him in his crate every time I walk Zoey because he cries and howls until I'm sure the neighbors either want to shoot him or call the animal equivalent of child protective services on me. Plus, the bonehead will do whatever he can to escape the fence injured foot or no injured foot!  It's fun at the Hyzyhouse!

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