Saturday, January 21, 2012

What have I become or not become

I'm a little worried because it appears that this blog is turning into nothing but a chronicle of New Recipe nights.  I don't know if I should be happy because that means I'm actually cooking... a lot... for me at least. We haven't gone out to dinner in quite sometime and "fend for yourself/I don't care what you eat" nights have not been near as common as usual.  On the other hand, I'm a little worried that we have so little going on in our lives that all I have to blog about is cooking.  Which if you know me well is just...WIERD!
It seems as though all we really do is work, eat, sleep etc....  But again sadly or not sadly... I'm okay with that.  I love my house, I love puttering around my house, l love not having lots of places I have to be or commitments I need to fulfill.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still doing all my volunteer duties but during the winter it seems as though things slow down just a little bit.  I'm not complaining - I certainly don't want any drama.  Zack is doing just fine at school, a few minor blips here and there but nothing critical.  Brenna seems to be settling back in at Radford. It has not been a totally easy transition.  Still no sign of a roommate and I think she's a little bit lonely, but there are other opportunities that are cropping up.  She's been leaving her dorm room door open and since most people know she doesn't have a roommate- lots of new people are stopping by and checking on her and talking to her.  She even mentioned how surprised she was that people were being so nice to her.  I'm convinced when you start college already with a roommate and a boyfriend in place you really limit the amount of new people and new experiences you open yourself up to.  Although it's been a little bit sad and lonely for her, I am convinced this may be the best thing that's happened to her.
John is working his ass off at work, long hours and a wretched commute - with sadly no end in sight.  Times like these... huge mortgage, saving for 2 kids in college etc... that make me really glad I'm not a man with all the responsibility to provide for his family.   We are so lucky and he does a magnificent job.  I only hope that in 5-6 years when we only have one in college that he'll be able to quit his rat race and do something he really wants to.
But, I'm happy... I love my house, I love my family and I don't need much.  I'm convinced I could have been a pioneer woman.  That is a pioneer woman with high speed internet, TiVo, Fed Ex delivery and a Target nearby.

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