Monday, January 30, 2012

Hey, you got another kid here...

      Sometimes I feel bad because it seems like Zack can get lost in the shuffle.  All Brenna's "firsts," New recipe nights etc... He just goes along all good-natured and even keeled and doesn't provide me with a lot of good blogging fodder.  Not that that's a bad thing...It's sort of like our photo albums, 95% of the time I am the one taking the pictures, so if someone didn't know us and was looking through the albums they might think John is a single parent! :o)  Not necessarily a bad thing, it just is what it is.  Zack, for the most part, is a sweet, good natured, easy going kid.  The only thing he's doing a lot of right now is growing and playing Xbox!  Like I said, not a lot of blogging fodder.
     Lately, we've been getting ready for high school (still makes me slightly nauseous to think about) planning his courses, sports choices and that sort of thing.  He's applying to a number of specialty programs...Project Lead the Way (engineering) and AP Scholars (honors program).  He had to write an essay to get into each program.  That always makes me laugh, because does any kid really want to get into these programs especially when it involves writing an essay.  Most of the time they probably just want to write "because my mother said I had to."  But he was very amenable and sat down and wrote his essay and I thought it was pretty darn good.

I want to be put into the AP Scholars Program because of all the benefits AP classes provide.  I also want to qualify for an advanced degree diploma.  I would like to have the opportunity to take normal classes and AP classes, instead of only being able to take classes that are easy.  I feel that AP classes will challenge me more than normal classes, and teach me more.  I also think that I would rather “hang out” with kids in AP classes than “average Joes.”  AP classes will help me prepare for college by teaching me good study skills, time management and make me pay attention to details.  These skills will also help me get farther in my life after college.  I don’t feel like middle school has presented me with many serious challenges and I am looking forward to seeing just what I can do when I really have to make an effort.   This will also teach me to strive to be the best that I can.  I don’t know which college I want to attend after high school, but the AP Scholars program will help me to be more competitive wherever I decide to apply.  Lastly, I’ve heard girls like smart guys!

The last line gets me every time, because it is so Zack with his funny sense of humor.  I've always told him when he's writing anything that a bunch of people are going to read, it's good to have something to make you stand out.  What he wanted to write was  "I heard chicks dig smart guys."
Geez, I love that kid.

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