Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So this is me still worrying...

I guess it never gets any easier.  Brenna got back to Radford just fine yesterday, but no sign of a roommate; she says her room is empty and lonely.  Now, I'm awake worrying... She doesn't have a class until 2pm today... who is she going to eat breakfast with, who is she going to eat lunch with, what's she going to do all day?  Is she going to be sad and lonely and hate college?  I know deep down, she's going to be just fine - a small bump in the road that we won't even remember in a few weeks.  But, that doesn't stop me worrying and fretting and projecting all my  "military brat/always the new girl" fears on her.  It just never ends, first with the pacifiers, then the potty training, then the first day of Kindergarten, the hellish middle school years, first day of HS, graduation and grades, premarital sex and STD's, and now college social life... the worrying just never ends.  Seems as though no matter how smooth things are really going, I can find something to worry and stress over, maybe I should be worrying about my worrying and stressing!

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