Saturday, February 7, 2015

Golds Gym Erg Sprints

Our 2nd Erg Sprint competition at Gold's Gym today and we absolutely SLAYED IT!!!  The kids were amazing, I told them at practice I wanted us to sweep the medals, and by god, that's what they did.  The boys took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in every event we entered, except for one.  And actually Woodbridge took 1st place in every event they entered!  Including the much anticipated Mixed relay. Zack didn't compete in anything except the 1st ever Parent/Child relay!  I am proud to say we came in first in the Mother/Son category... and no... we weren't the only team.  We beat out 2 other teams.  So for the next year I can say "I'm a recored holder!"  And trust me... I'm going to milk that for all I'm worth!  We each had to row 250meters.  I was incredibly stressed and nervous, I felt like I suddenly couldn't remember how to erg at all!  I just didn't want to embarrass Zack. I think I did okay, kept my split under 1:50 and didn't pass out, throw up or cry like a baby.  I don't hardly remember any of it, except at the beginning, realizing I was at a 40 stroke rate and was going to kill myself and then Zack telling me to settle...I don't think at the heart of it all I'm really much of a competitive person!  It's so stressful! But, I'm glad we did it, more glad that Zack even wanted to do it with me and even gladder that we got 1st place medals out of it!!

That's so attractive

I don't even remember what he was saying to me, but I'm sure it was effective strategizing!

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