Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We made it through tryouts.  In the school, it certainly wasn't any fun for the boys to run the mile around the school hallways, but they did it.  We had 4 brand new boys come out and 2 that did Fall so that was a little bit exciting.  We ended up keeping everyone.  Didn't make any cuts.  I'm not sure that's the right decision, but there were really only 2-3 that should have been cut and we just didn't have the heart to do it.  We have enough boats, so we kept them and we'll see what happens.  Even so, I still got an ICBTS (I can't believe this shit) email from a mom who insisted that we shouldn't cut anyone because we are a club and paid for by the parents of the team members and she didn't want us to get into any trouble cutting a kid who wanted to participate in the sport.  First of all....WE ARE NOT A CLUB, we are a VARSITY SPORT!  Secondly, it's such a relief to know this mom is looking out for us, so that we don't get into any trouble.  Here's a big can of Shut the Hell Up!  Made me want to cut her kid, just because.  Just proves to me that no matter what we do - someone is going to give us shit.  No win!

Zack did great, of course, there was no doubt.  We ended up with 50 boys and 35 girls.  The girls cut 3 and that was it.  We hit the magic number, 80 - that's what our Treasurer needed to make the budget work.  So, I guess everyone is happy....
I just love this picture.  So many Ergs, just waiting.  Representing so much hard work, so much potential.  It's going to be a great season!

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