Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day

As always my most hated holiday rolled around again... John had some 'use or lose' leave, so he took off to Buffalo to see his family, so Zack and I were home alone for the weekend.   I was looking forward to a weekend of catching up on my DVRed shows and scrapbooking.
I started the morning off with a run.  I really didn't want to do it, but the weather is supposed to get hellish in the next few days.  I tried out my brand new Nike running vest (that I forgot I had).  The temperature was low 20's and cloudy, but my vest was awesome!!  I was warm enough that I had to unzip a little bit.  I ran 6.5miles and it was great!  Seriously... probably the best run I've had all year. I didn't stop to walk at all, only paused at 2 stoplights.  I wasn't speedy, but about 10:33min, a good, solid, steady pace.  I was very happy, I felt good, strong!  

Treated myself to a muffin, haven't had one in months, but I think Valentines day is the perfect excuse  for a muffin!  And it was GOOD!  A little wine and some Project Runway and Top Chef and the day was a success!
At work, I shared the story of the genesis of my hatred for Valentines Day.  Year after year in high school, watching Suzy, Buffy and Sissy get flower, after flower, after flower delivered until their arms were full and they needed help from their sycophant admirers to help carry them all day. While the rest of us poor schmucks sat in first period and tried to get their classwork done among the exited squeals and giggles.  Whatever.... Anyway, I shared that story, much like performance art, and the next day I found this waiting on my desk at work.  The Library Ladies are so sweet and so kind!
Meanwhile in Buffalo....
John is having fun in the snow in Buffalo!  Literally, he is enjoying the snow... thank goodness it's in Buffalo and not here.  While I know we haven't really had a bad winter, but I'm done.  I don't want any more snow. I'm ready for Spring to arrive.  

He's been visiting with all the family, dinner, bowling, beer and fun.   Zack and I plan to end the evening with the classic... 16 candles!

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