Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's Bragging time...Brenna Hyzy version

So my precious baby girl, the same girl who once took a zero in Spanish, because she didn't know which basket to put her homework in, the same girl who was thrilled when she got a B, who was happy to be "average" if it meant it didn't interfere with her social life.  The same girl who refused to take her Algebra book to class with her because it was "too heavy."  This girl has decided she's going to graduate school, she's taken the GRE and she's been accepted to the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point!
She's been working with her advisor at Radford and the man she worked for this summer at Virginia Tech and they both suggested this program and actually they spoke with the director.  Apparently he was so impressed with Brenna and her work and skills that they pretty much created this graduate program for her and her skill set!  That's pretty freaking amazing if you ask me!  She will work as a TA and they will be giving her a yearly stipend which should help pay for a good portion of her tuition and living expenses.  I mean Duh!  No brainer!   She didn't want to do it at first, I think she's a little worried about about being pigeon-holed with bats which probably aren't her first choice.  But for now, it's what she knows and what she's good at and what they want her for, so she's going with it.  She'll be 24 and have a masters degree and can do whatever she wants.  I'm very excited and very proud, but I'm also just a tiny, toosh sad.  She's going all the way to Wisconsin, that's a long way away! :o(   AND she has to go up in May, right after graduation... so we don't even get to hang out over the summer. :o(  She and John are going to go up in May and make sure they get everything settled and then Zack and I will road trip up and visit later in the summer.  Its going to be hard to have her so far away.  I like hanging out with her, we have fun together and now she's going to be far, far away!   I don't like my babies growing up and away! 

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