Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Years Resolution Update...

It's been 35 days since my last fruit snack!  35 hellish, temptation fraught days.  By far the hardest part of the resolution.  They are just such a handy little snack when you are feeling a tad peckish... but I've been strong.  I'm also still working out on my schedule - 530am Mon and Friday Erg class,  Sunday afternoon Erg class and at least 3 runs per week.  I also added Weds Yoga (more about that later).  

I also tried a new, kind of bizarre  class called SurfSet.  It's all done on this surfboard that is balance on inflated exercise balls.  It's supposed to work your core continually while you are doing aerobic, stretching, flexiblity.  The amazing Angie Hart is the instructor and that's part of the reason I decided to try it.

It was fun, but quite a bit bizzare.  I was able to do everything, but it is a lot of balancing.  I didn't get a great workout, because I was spending so much time thinking and trying not to fall off my surfboard, but it was entertaining.  I think I'm going to stick with my Yoga classes.  I think they will end up being better for me.

Meanwhile, I'm also still working out with Mike C and the boys during winter conditioning.  Sometimes that means a double workout day.  All the better to offset my eating habits! :o)  
Yesterday they had a surprise 2K test!  Zack did really well, bettered his last score by 21 seconds!  I was very happy for him!  Since it was a test, we didn't get to erg along with them, we were busy watching, evaluating, encouraging and recording.  Since they did a 2K, I felt like I should do one, so this morning before my treadmill run,  I did my 2K test.  And I bettered my score by 26 seconds!
Post 2K

Today's results:
Time - 8:40, split - 2:10, s/r 27, watts - 159, watt/weight - 1.27

Last time:
Time - 9:06, split - 2:16, s/r 27, wats - 137, watt/weight - 1.1

All this working out with the team and on my own is doing something!

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