Thursday, February 12, 2015

Run This Year

I'm still on task with my Run (and Row) This Year Resolution.  The whole getting up and working out at 530am at Golds Gym is really working well for me.  I still don't like the getting up, but the being done before work far outweighs the "hate getting up" part.  I've also found that if I'm able to get my errands and other stuff done by 230pm, then I can sneak a quick 20min nap in before practice and that really helps as well!
Hit my 200 mile mark and printed off my bib.  I love the bibs, it's funny how such simple thing - a different colored bib for each 100 miles, really provides inspiration.  I want that next bib!
BTW - It's been 43 days since my last fruit snack and it's STILL killing me!

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