Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Scrapbook success!

We've had a pretty crazy winter lately.  It's not that there's been so much snow, but it's been icy, windy, cold and just miserable for the most part.  The very first "snow day" of the year, the school system didn't call it and they were lambasted about it.  I think they may still be licking their wounds.  The result... if there's even a flake in the air, heck if they even predict a flake might come down, they are canceling school or at least delaying us!  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, at least not  yet, we haven't gone over our allotment of days so okay so far.  The result of our last 3 snow days...

#1 - I discovered The Blacklist on Netflix!  Totally addicted.  I have literally watched 30 hours straight of this stupid show.  33 episodes in the first season and 11 episodes in the 2nd season to get caught up and current.  Much to my shame and humiliation... I actually paid $1.99 for the last 6 episodes on iTunes because I couldn't wait!

#2 - I have pretty much single-handedly eaten every scrap of unhealthy food in this house!

#3 -  My 2014 scrapbook is done!


I really need to take stock in Shutterfly... those orange envelopes just seem to multiply of their own accord.  I'm feeling pretty good, I still have a couple "special" projects that need completion.  Zack's sophomore year of crew and John and the kids trip to Alaska, but otherwise I'm caught up.  Maybe if we get a few more snow days I can get those taken care of as well.

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