Friday, August 28, 2015

Brenna's home away from home and her home away from home away from home!

Brenna was finally able to move all the way into her house (her home away from home, I still consider us her real home).  She went to town decorating and making it her own!  She's just like her mother in that she likes to make her own special space!  She's definitely a nester! The room is actually pretty small, but she's managed to get all her stuff into it and made it quite a reflection of herself.  She's so much like me in that she wants/needs to surround herself with all the things she loves.  Really like mother, like daughter!

I'm very proud of her for doing this all by herself!  When we left, she was still in the hotel, so she had to get all her stuff into the room by herself.  She also had to put the bookcases together all on her own.  She's turned quite self-suffcient!  What a girl!
She also has her own office now at work (her home away from home away from home).  She shares it with 3 other graduate students.  But again making it her own space.

I love the little bats, flying around her walls.  I sound like a broken record, but she's so damn cute and I'm so darn proud of her!  

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