Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hyzy Hideaway

The closing on the cabin went just fine.  John is now the proud, dare I say giddy, owner of his own cabin hideaway. We've started moving in all the furniture and furnishings that he's accumulated.  It's actually shaping up to be quite a nice little place.  It's going to be very comfortable, not like camping at all.
The living room shaping up with a nice comfy sofa and loveseat

The main bedroom

Looking from the bedrooms

The view from the deck.
We're going to stock the cabin with movies, puzzles and books.  It will make a nice little hiding away spot.  There are still quite a few things left to do and to get, slowly but surely we'll get there.   The trick is going to be training the dogs not to run away every time we get up there.  I'm sure they'll love it, but I certainly don't want them to get lost in the woods and eaten by bears or shot by the neighbors!!  It's actually turning out a little bit nicer that I expected.  I think I'll probably end up going up more than I originally thought. 

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