Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pre-Trip Wisconsin

In just about a week, we are heading up to Wisconsin to see our girl!  Let the packing begin.  I finally convinced John that we are going to have to take 2 cars.  He's been adamantly against it, but Brenna has a lot of stuff we need to get to her.
Of course it's all "critical" and she can't live without it!

It was quite a puzzle test... but we managed to get it all into the cars, every bit of it!  Now it's all done by the driving.  I"m sort of relieved that we're taking separate cars, I find that I don't travel well anymore, at least not trapped in the car.  I don't mind driving by myself, but I get cranky with other people. Zack doesn't really bother me, because he's a lot like me, he just sleeps or plugs in and really doesn't interact except occasionally.  The perfect traveling partner. :o)

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