Tuesday, August 4, 2015

College Visit #3 - William and Mary

On the road again... college visit #3 - William and Mary.  It was sort of a late, last minute addition.  It original wasn't in the running for consideration because they don't have an engineering program.  They are a straight up liberal arts program, but when Zack decided he was going to go more the Math or Physics route, then we decided to consider them.   First negative... you have to go down 95 South to get there... that is always an iffy proposition, but we were very lucky.
Crim Dell Bridge - "Most romantic" and "Most instagramed" spot on campus

Once again meeting up with his man - TJ

College visits are hard work!

It went fine, standard tour. I think overall we were both underwhelmed by the tour.  I expected to be a little more Wowed than I was.  It's the most expensive Va school with a very elite reputation, but to be honest it felt a little tired and shabby to me.  I think Zack liked it a little more than I did, but I don't think it's anywhere close to UVa or VT.  But it was good for comparison purposes.  3 down 1 to go.  We'll hit George Mason next week and then I think we'll be done, except for any re-visiting Zack wants to do.

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