Monday, August 24, 2015

Slurpee Summer - Seriously

I've tried to make Operation Slimdown and Healthy Up a success this summer, but I'm not going to lie... it's been a struggle.  I've been in a running funk for probably the last 3 months - I just can't get my run groove going. I can't find my happy pace - which, in turn, discourages me - which then makes me eat more.  Then there's this...  We had a brand new 7-11 open up on OUR CORNER!  Which means you can't really leave our housing area without seeing it and no matter which way you are going... it's right there conveniently located.  It wasn't really a problem during the winter, or the spring because I was working and crewing so much, but then summer hit... and I had plenty of time to just "pop by" the 7-11. I just needed to "run in" real quick. Not to mention its been a hotter than hell summer and a slurp just hits the spot!
I used to have "fat pants," but now not only are my "fat pants" starting to fit better, but I think I'm going to have to start calling them my Slurpee Pants.  I don't seem to be able to control myself...

First slurpee of the summer - the one that started it all!

Dragging everyone into my madness!

Hot weather slurpee

Walmart trip slurpee - no one wants to go to Walmart.  The only thing making it okay, a slurpee
Heading out for a college visit slurpee with my boy

Post college visit "stay awake on the drive home" slurpee

"Trying to cut back and do better" Baby Slurpee

Cabin in the Woods slurpee
Finally back in Virginia celebration slurpees

Last slurpee of the summer!  I swear!
First day back at work went fine.  It was actually a little slower than I expected, but I'm sure all those teachers were busy in their rooms filling out their copy requests and it's only going to get busier and crazier!

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