Tuesday, August 18, 2015

On the Road... Wisconsin style

We survived the 2 day drive.  Zack rode with me the whole way.  The first day we drove 13 hours... we stopped in Chicago and stayed with John and Colleen.  They were very nice and it was good to see them, but it was TOO LONG to drive just to visit people we know.  Not going to happen again.  The good thing was we only have about 4 hours today.
Zack is a great traveling partner.  Quiet when we need quiet and willing to chat for minimal bits of time.  I even convinced him to listen to a book on tape with me for a little while.

This is how he spent a good portion of the trip.  See... good travel companion. :o)

We made it back to our girl!!  Went out for a nice dinner, Zack stayed at the hotel, a little too much family togetherness for him.  So, good to see our girl again.  A little relaxing before the insanity of house hunting begins!  We've got about 5 places lined up for tomorrow.  Fingers crossed we find something perfect.  Sure would be nice to get everything unloaded and settled and have a few days to relax and explore the area.  

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