Monday, August 31, 2015

Last First Day!

I can't believe it... it's actually here...Zack's Last First Day of school.  I understand he'll have other first day's of school at college, but I won't be there to document it and I'll have to rely on him to send me pics.  So, for me... Last First Day! :o(
Had to include the traditional First First Day and the Last First Day pictures.  It's hard to believe how freaking cute this boy is and was! Someone pointed out to me, he's got the exact same smile in both pictures!  Too funny and too precious!

Off he goes... I sort of want to run after him and make him stop growing up and stay with me forever, but I know I can't so I'm going to try and handle this as gracefully as I possibly can.  Some people can't talk about religion, some can't talk about politics... I can't talk about Zack's senior year!   #forbiddentopic, #ohnohesnot, #mybabyisasenior

Here's our girl on her way to her First First Day of her Masters Degree!!  Couldn't be prouder!

Her home away from home away from home!  The Natural Resources building!

I don't know how my kids grew up so quickly, it makes my heart swell with pride while at the same time breaking it into little pieces!  

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